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Jun 28, 2011 5:00am EDT
a few minutes. angie, how is it looking? >> still looking pretty gloomy out there on 50 headed eastbound between 70 and route 2. we've got the crash activity only letting the shoulder get by. another crash involving an overturned. the latest on this in my next traffic report. coming up at 5:16. back to you. >>> making news now, coming up on 5:10, in new mexico, los alamos county officials are ordering a mandatory evacuation because of the threat from a fast-moving wildfire. county officials set up an emergency shelter for residents who had no place to stay. those affected by the evacuation orders are being notified via reverse 911. >>> federal investigators say they have found a cell phone of the truck driver involved in that deadly amtrak crash in nevada. six people were killed including the truck driver. now the cell phone will be sent here to the ntsb lab in washington to determine whether or not distracted driving could have been a factor. >> rod blagojevich could be headed to prison for decades after being convicted in his retrial on corruption charges. a jury found the former illin
Jun 27, 2011 5:00am EDT
temperatures run inspection the mid-60s to lower 70s. angie goff, our tired angie. >> that's ok. had my coffee. we'll help you get through your monday as well. hello, everybody. so glad you could join us early on this monday. the green light stays on. things are moving as we take a wide view of the map. here is the outer loop. you notice the green cars. we're moving at speed. outside live, that's what we're finding from 95 all the way over to 270. university boulevard. back over to the real time graphics, this time, the focus will be on 270. if you're making the southbound trip, happy to report tracking our cameras outside out of frederick down past father hurley down to the lane dried of divide. we're finding drivers moving at a great pace. wrap up with our travel times for you. virginia, 66 headed eastbound from fairfax to the beltway, about a 13 minute commute. the dulles toll road, no complaints approaching the capital beltway. the inner loop is moving 14 minutes, estimated drive times still ahead, a look at 95 in maryland. mike and andrea, that's coming up. >>> 9news now has learned a gun
Jun 7, 2011 5:00am EDT
the heat wave update coming up. right now, here's angie. >> right now, we're taking a look at the washington, accokeek, brandywine area. still ahead, your virginia roads and more on that car fire. that's coming up at 5:18. >> making news now at 5:10, canada is reporting its first case of e. coli linked to the outbreak in europe. german health officials have cleared the organic soybean sprouts as the suspected source of contamination. after tests from them came back clean. 22 people have died in the outbreak. more than 2300 have become sick. >>> ash from a chilean volcano is forcing thousands of people from their homes and canceling flights over part of argentina. the three mile long fissure has been erupting since saturday. a cloud of ash six miles high reached the atlantic ocean. crews are using heavy construction equipment to clear ash from some towns. >> a state of emergency is in effect for much of eastern arizona because of an out-of- control wildfire there. thousands of people have been evacuated. about 2500 firefighters are battling the flames which have already sc
Jun 24, 2011 6:00am EDT
frederick and martinsburg. 72 in gaithersburg. we're currently 73 headed to near 90. angie is in this friday morning. >> all right. it is so very nice and quiet on our roadways, a lot of the schools obviously are out. people headed out on vacation. green light stays on. i'm not complaining. we're taking it over to the maps. 95 in virginia. if you're making the northbound trip, we've been tracking cameras all morning long. so far, so good, no major delays past dumfries continuing on toward lorton. moving back over to the maps, we'll shift our eyes over to 66. if you're making the eastbound trip, we're starting to see a little bit of the volume around 234. overall, we're doing ok as drivers make their way through centreville to inside the beltway. as far as the travel times are concerned out in maryland, on the outer loop from 95 to 270, still moving at a great pace. 95 headed southbound, no problems toward the beltway. the inner loop is moving smoothly from route 4 pennsylvania to the wilson bridge. still ahead, a look at 267, the dulles toll road coming up at 6:11. back to you. >>> thank you
Jun 6, 2011 5:00am EDT
be a hot spot at 87 and culpeper. today we should stop at 85. right now 68, 5:00 a.m., angie goff, good morning. >> how are you howard, thank you very much. we are entering the new hour. hope you had a great and restful weekend. green light kicks things off. not too much going on. construction on the outer loop, 95, georgia avenue has cleared out of the way. we'll move it outside and show you how well drivers are moving, no significant delays. real time graphics shifting over to 270, we've been tracking it all morning long, green cars on the screen. outside past 109, urbana, down to the lane divides all lanes are wide open. we're also tracking travel times, virginia 66 eastbound from fairfax to the beltway looks like actually -- there are a few minutes on there despite it being zero. don't mind that. we wish that's what it was. we're looking probably at about ten to 15 minutes. looks like 267 is doing just fine and the inner loop no problems. still ahead fox hall at 5:09. >>> thank you, angie. we'll see you then. he is accused of mayor gray and campaign staff to give him money, sulman b
Jun 8, 2011 6:00am EDT
in annapolis. 72 in southern maryland. 90s today. let you know how long that is going to last. angie is in with timesaver traffic. >> the yellow light stays on. our top traffic story of the morning, right now, we're dealing with a double fatal out on the inner loop as drivers try to access the river road exit ramp. it is currently closed. that's where we find our surae chinn who's been live there all morning. surae, you have the very latest. what have you learned? >> i just talked with maryland state police. they want to open up the road in about 20, 30 minutes. good news for commuters. i'm told the medical examiner is here and possibly wrapping up their final investigation here. and so at that point, then this ramp could be open in the next 20, 30 minutes. what we know from here is that this was a double fatality on a motorcycle. police say that the driver hit a guardrail and the two people flipped over. the woman lying on the ground here on river road exit and the man flew behind the exit some 20, 30 yards behind there. it took some time for authorities to actually find the body th
Jun 24, 2011 5:00am EDT
going up to 89. angie goff is in this friday morning. timesaver traffic. >> hello, everyone. hope you're having a terrific morning. the roadway is looking a-ok. green light stays on. we take it over to the map. take a closer look at our outer loop this morning. looks like all of the construction has cleared out of the way from 95 to 270 moving it outside, everyone appears to be moving at speed. this is your live condition near the university boulevard exit. back over to the maps, this time, the focus will be on 270. we're tracking that southbound trip in. right now, no problems as drivers make their way out of frederick continuing on toward 109 making their way past 118 germantown road down to the split. this is what you can expect, smooth sailing. as far as your travel times are concerned, 66. we're in the clear from fairfax to the beltway about 10 minutes. inner loop is moving smoothly as well. the dulles toll road drivers, looks like you should be able to access the inner loop. the ramp is back open. still ahead, a look at 95 in maryland. i'll have that coming up in my next traffic
Jun 30, 2011 6:00am EDT
:12. back to you. >>> thanks, angie. let's take a look at the stories happening today. the smithsonian folklife festival kicks off at 11:00 this morning on the national mall. this year's theme are the nation of columbia, peace corps and r & b music. the festival runs from today through july 4th and then july 7th through the 11th. >> nasa will have low flying planes today. it is a new project to monitor air quality in our region. the first flight takes off around 9:00 a.m. >>> newlyweds prince william and his wife, catherine, the duchess of cambridge begin their first official visit as a royal couple. the first stop, canada's capital city, ottawa. nine-day trip includes visits to western canada and los angeles here in the u.s. >>> also today, prince george's county councilwoman leslie johnson heads to court. >> she's accused in a pay for play bribery scheme and she may be making a plea deal. surae chinn has a preview. terry porter is highly suspected leslie johnson will plead guilty. she is charged with a federal felony count of witness and evidence tampering. if she's going to admit
Jun 26, 2011 11:30am PDT
lo que ha estado ocurriendo sobre este tema, nos vamos con angie sandoval. angie, adelante. >>¿quÉ tal, jose? buenos dÍas. este es el aÑo de la reforma migratoria integral. este es el sentir de un grupo de senadores demÓcratas que esta semana regresaron a la carga. nueve meses despuÉs de haber presentado, sin suerte, una reforma migratoria... >>esperamos que esto impulse el diÁlogo. angie: ...los senadores robert menÉndez, patrick leahy y dick durbin vuelven a la carga, esperando que esta vez su acta para una reforma de inmigraciÓn -que incluye el dream act- sÍ sea aceptada por sus colegas republicanos. >>es para impulsar una oportunidad de decir que esto es de suma importacia, de que queremos una oportunidad, que nuestros colegas republicanos se unan a nosotros. angie: este proyecto incluye el refuerzo de la seguridad en la frontera, lo que siempre han frontera, lo que siempre han exigido los republicanos, al igual que la verificaciÓn del estatus de los trabajadores. tambiÉn se exigirÁ a los 11 tambiÉn se exigirÁ a los 11 millones de indocumentados a inscribirse con e
Jun 6, 2011 4:30am EDT
'm andrea roane. >>> i'm mike hydeck, happy monday. here's angie, with traffic in a moment. howard will have weather right now. >>> angie is as bright as the sky will be a good looking monday out there. mid-80s, whatever your plans are, if you have outdoor plans get them done today and tomorrow. wednesday and thursday, it's going to be really hot once again, get the code orange air quality and heat advisory again. here's a look at the day planner, sunshine today, temperatures getting into the upper 70s by noon. topping in the mid-80s with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 83. it's 68 under partly cloudy skies. the sun's up at 5:43. we have isolated showers and thunderstorms yesterday evening off to the east. there they go. mainly across the bay. they're long gone now. temperatures 50s well up to the north across pennsylvania, western maryland, upper 60s, 70s toward raleigh, 71. 63 in manassas, 62 haymarket. 65 in fairfax and bethesda. 64 columbia, 63 bay den and now in alexandria 66 and a warm but pleasant start in the mid-80s today. >>> angie, happy monday. >> back at you. thank you. halfway throu
Jun 24, 2011 4:30am EDT
along. i'm andrea roane. >> it is good that it is friday. i'm mike hydeck. angie goff is right here. she'll have traffic in just a moment. mr. howard bernstein, little more muggy today? >> about as muggy as yesterday. maybe a tad bit less. winds turn westerly, humidity a little bit. tomorrow and sunday, your patience will be rewarded. lower humidity levels and comfortable temperatures for the weekend. today, we're in the mid-80s by noon. there is a chance here and there for a thunderstorm. i don't think everybody's going to see them today. a little dry in spots. we'll take it. right now, 75 and mostly cloudy. this morning, we're look at 70s here. near 80 still at ocean city. look at the 60s north and west of cleveland. what you're going to see around 2:30, this cluster of storms from around winchester south of hagerstown, this one north and west of town is pulling out into pennsylvania. life is quiet at the moment. ice lated storms here this afternoon. highs in the upper 80s to near 90. it is 4:30. angie goff has your friday morning timesaver traffic. >> i love that word. hope serve
Jun 2, 2011 5:00am EDT
to you. >> thank you, angie. about eight hours ago, pepco thought its main power outage problem had been fixed. >> things have changed drastically because the cables the crews thought they had repaired failed again. surae chinn joins us live from one. the key trouble spots. oh, my goodness, surae. >> reporter: here we go again. i'll tell you it feels a little better this morning. a little comfort for those suffering in the dark. check it out. bright lights here. that's because a big, huge generator is working overtime. but we walk across the street, it is dark. i will tell you just over across there, crews are working underground to repair these lines. but their target date was midnight. that has come and gone and it didn't happ. happen. >> firefighters went door-to- door to check on the elderly at tyler house apartment where is several hundred residents live. no electricity, no air conditioning and 90 degree temps. portable fans and a cooling center on the first floor provided some relief but with the elevator out, some can't come down or refuse to leave the eight story building. reside
Jun 15, 2011 5:00am EDT
hugh. i'm sure you're doing it. i'm mike hydeck. angie goff has traffic in a moment. howard has your weather first. >> as long as he's not sending any pictures to anyone. he will be ok. >> hasn't done that. >> weatherwise, it is a nice morning out there. a beautiful morning. a picture perfect morning out there. it is going to be a gorgeous afternoon. here's your day planner. we've got temperatures in town close to that 60 degree mark. at the 60 degree mark. we were 61 last hour. drier air while it is cooling off a lot this morning, down in the low 50s, we'll be warming up to the 70s. 80 at 5:00. light north winds 5, 10 miles per hour. it will be spectacular out there. yesterday afternoon, we had a couple of pop-up showers. they're gone now. the skies are cleared. temperatures under the clear skies with the lighter winds have dropped off to 48 in frederick. 52 in winchester. 54 in manassas. the bay keeping things warmer for lou ann. andrews, 55. here in washington, 60. we're down to 52 in laytonsville. 57 centreville. baden, 55. columbia, 57. angie goff, it is a good- looking mor
Jun 9, 2011 6:30pm PDT
washington, los estados continúan batallando contra los ley que criminaliza la inmigración ilegal, angie tiene los detalles. bli w >>>angie: la b >>>angie: alabama tiene hoy una de las leyes para indocumentados más severas de la nación y esto no sólo lo dicen los críticos, el gobernador que la promulgoó o fue la más terrible. la nueva ley como la h b 1070 de arizona criminaliza a quien le dé empleo, alquile vivienda o transporte a alguien sin estatus, pero va más haya ski alguien do exigiendole las escuelas que ver fui ken a los estudiantes. >>> >>> ellos llenan el vacío >>>angie: alabama es el estado con más crecimiento del país. según el centro del año pasado. de este total se estima que al menos 120 son indocumentados. y es por ellos que según epa él congresista alabama necesita esta ley, el principal procuro sor asegura que los indocumentados le cuestan al estado 298 miflmillones de dóla anuales. la unión de libertades civiles el centro. (nombre en inglés) y el foro nacional de inmigración se preparan para bloquear esta ley en corte >>> es el colmo después de lo q
Jun 21, 2011 4:30am EDT
i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. here's angie goff with traffic. i don't know if there's anybody on the road yet. mr. bernstein? >> you know one person that bikes to work every day. >> that's right. brett coming in from fairfax county. been biking in for over two years now. rain, sleet, snow, hasn't failed yet. even hit by a car, he kept going the next day, broken collarbone and all. guy is amazing. we have showers out there. isolated showers this morning. over the next few hours, we'll see things wind down. this afternoon with the heat, the humidity we may pop another thunderstorm. code yellow, moderate air quality today. upper 60s, pretty uniform with the clouds and sprinkles around. 71 in annapolis. 66 in manassas. look at the radar from last night. you can see the showers, isolated ones coming in northwest to southeast. we've got here into fairfax county now into prince william and fauquier county. between pittsburgh and cumberland. we'll see if any will get here in the next three hours or so. another chance of storms this afternoon. here's angie goff with your time
Jun 14, 2011 6:00am EDT
to 64 here in washington. angie? >> green light stays on as we start the 6:00 hour. not looking too bad out there across the viewing area. hope you're off to a fantastic tuesday. let's get started with our maps. we'll take a closer look at 95 in virginia. tracking that northbound trip, seeing a little yellow on the screen. outside, that's because we're tracking the volume that's building between the prince william parkway and the 123 exit. as you move it over to the maps again, we'll shift our focus over to 66. we're tracking the eastbound travelers here. it looks like we're slowing down in two spots. no surprise from 234 over to 28 and again from 50 also up to 123. as far as your travel times are concerned, on the outer loop, no incidents to report in maryland. 95 over to 270, we're still in the green moving at speed about 10 minutes. southbound on 95, no problems approaching the beltway. speaking of the beltway, the inner loop is moving smoothly from route 4 pennsylvania to the wilson bridge. still ahead, a look at the gw parkway. i'll have that in my next report at 6:12. andrea, back
Jun 17, 2011 5:00am EDT
i'm andrea roane. >> i'm deck deck, here's angie -- mike hydeck, here's angie goff. >> i'm a redskins fan and i know recently redskins that have come out to support charities in their community. >> exactly. >> we know the saint people do it. >> barbra streisand in my head now. people who need people. weather-wise, we've got a quiet morning out is there after a loud night with the thunderstorms dropping some much-needed rain. some areas had an inch of rain overnight. going to be a warm day. low 80s by noon and 5:00 85 and then scattered thunderstorms around this afternoon. 64 degrees and partly cloudy conditions right now. but storms were making some noise overnight. one round in the evening and another round at 12:30 came through and this morning all that's left. this little sliver on the eastern shore well past cambridge. so this is you're driving out to the beach, you won't see that. redskin fan, but wearing the raven purple, i'm confused angie goff. >> calling me out, it's not even preseason. we don't know what's going on so i get a pass okay? hello everybody, hope you
Jun 20, 2011 6:00am EDT
saint mary's county, that's heavy stuff we're watching on live doppler 9000hd. 6:00 a.m., angie over to you. >>> we have an incident report, it is slick, not a bad idea to factor in extra minutes for your commute. yellow light is on, we're tracking crash activity southbound 95 near the truck weigh station. that's by 234. it's off to the shoulder. you have a little rubbernecking going on. heading northbound we're seeing slow go set in around the prince william parkway. the inner loop accident at springfield, we want to let you know that's out of the way. what we're watching here in the reston area it looks like utter back store road remains closed between wood leaf lane and also i believe around the wood leaf lane area, we have downed wires in that area. let's move over to a water main break at temple hills, maryland 414. we want to let you know near dallas drive only the left lane gets by. this is 95 accident southbound near the truck weigh station. quickly let's check out your travel times for you, we'll head back over to the map, moving over to show you every one on the outer loop
Jun 30, 2011 5:00am EDT
to you. >>> thank you, angie. making news now at 5:10, the food and drug administration panel is not changing its mind about the cancer drug avastin. while it is approved to treat other cancers, the panel concluded avastin does more harm than good when it comes to treating advanced breast cancer. a final fda decision is expected at some point later this summer. >>> there is a little good news out of new mexico this morning. firefighters have made some progress in keeping a wildfire just outside the government los alamos nuclear laboratory. at least 800 firefighters and 20 aircraft are battling the blaze. >>> authorities in greece have been trying to put out fires set by protestors. the demonstrators are angry over parliament's approval of a new round of austerity measures in an effort to ease the country's financial crisis. thousands remain outside government buildings as more votes are expected on the issue today. >>> all right, we know it. there are many things that can cause flight delays but travelers are sitting on the tarmac at new york's jfk for a most unusual reason. s
Jun 1, 2011 5:00am EDT
at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> we're glad you're here. i'm mike hydeck. angie goff will have traffic in a moment. mr. howard bernstein, here comes the steamy weather again. >> let's look at the bright side. one more hot day. we're going to get thunderstorms this afternoon. some of those could be strong to severe. we can take a little bit of moisture after the heat has been drying things out. the payoff will be some really, nice, dry comfortable weather. there you go. there is a look at the day planner that wednesday morning. we're in the 70s now. we'll be in the low 90s by noon. also at 5:00 p.m. by 5:00, there will be scattered strong thunderstorms around. we could have some severe weather with that. the air quality today, once again is code orange. unhealthy for sensitive and a heat advisory in effect from noon until 8:00. satellite and radar, few high ones coming across. northwestern pennsylvania, new york state. that comes this afternoon. look at your temperatures, 77 annapolis. 73 winchester. we do have a touch of fog out toward manassas and culpepper. angie is in with the lates
Jun 8, 2011 5:00am EDT
and bwi. 98 in sterling and 99 in manassas. angie? >> that sounds so sticky. thank you, howard. hello, everyone. thank you for joining us early on this wednesday. yellow light to start things off. we're dealing with a very bad accident. this is on the inner loop to that ramp to get to river road. it is actually shut down. we have a live reporter on the scene. he's going to be bringing us updates throughout the morning. it is a double fatal involving a motorcycle, volume still very light on the beltway. no major back-ups to report at this time. we'll keep you posted on the very latest conditions on the ramp. let's take you to a wide view of the area. other parts of the beltway checking out ok especially north of the district here in maryland. outside, we're not seeing any major delays from 95 over to 270. over to the maps again, interstate 270 and show you the southbound trip. right now, no significant slow goes out of urbana as drivers make their way past 121. you can see the live conditions here at father hurley. 7100 to the beltway. also the inner loop, no problem. and 267, we're mo
Jun 14, 2011 5:00am EDT
for today, mid to upper 70s out there. easton, 79. leesburg, 77. in winchester today, 75. angie goff, it has been a rough morning. >> i know. >> turbulent tuesday on the roadways. hey, everybody. we've got the yellow light on. we're still tracking the crash activity out in the hyattsville area. central avenue, switching on over to our graphics, want to let you know that what we're finding are things are improving, in fact at garrett morgan boulevard. we're learning that one westbound lane still remains blocked. at least traffic is able to get by. earlier it was blocking all lanes. in bethesda, we have the tree still in the roadway. it has taken away the right lane. only one left lane of traffic is able to get by going southbound on old georgetown road at democracy. going over to the map, no issues to report north of the district. on the outer loop. we're going to move it outside and show you that live from 95 to 270. smooth sailing. everyone is moving at a great pace. want to show you your travel times. over to the maps we go, 66 moving smoothly from fairfax over to the capital beltway. only
Jun 27, 2011 4:30am EDT
. good morning, i'm mike hydeck. here's angie goff. mr. bernstein, how are you? >> one week until the 4th. some heat is going to build by the time we get to the weekend. last week of june. sorry, mike, june is gone. weatherwise, we've got a few showers this morning. maybe a few this afternoon. it looks like tomorrow will be a more active day for our showers and storms go. for today, 71 degrees. cloudy skies. we've had light showers pushing through the metro. lower 80s by noon. this afternoon, the threat for the shower or storm. 5:00 temperature around 85 degrees. lots of 60s to low 70s. 75 for annapolis. the bay temperatures are getting up there now. they're probably pushing 80 in a few spots. look at the satellite and radar. light showers here and there. the heavier stuff is off to the south this morning. these are pretty hefty downpours. even lightning and thunder with the stuff going over the delmarva. watch out for the afternoon. again, the threat for a few showers and storms highs well up into the 80s. it is time for angie. >> very nice and quiet to start off our monday morning out o
Jun 1, 2011 6:00am EDT
the risk this afternoon for severe weather which damaging wind gusts and the strong storms. angie, how is our traffic? >> no major problems to report, howard. thank you very much. that is why we keep on the green light. we take you over to our map. give you a closer look of 95 in virginia. we're tracking the northbound commute. so far, as we take you outside, we're looking at a slow go from the prince william parkway up to 123 and approaching lorton using the brakes again. back over to the real time graphic and this time, we'll move it on over to 66. seeing a lot of green cars out there. through our cameras, we're watching drivers slow down from 234 over to 28 and slow again from 50 over to 123. your travel times for you, in maryland on the outer loop, still in the green from 95 over to 270. looks like 95 headed southbound, no problems approaching the beltway. only about a nine minute drive time traveling the inner loop from route 4 pennsylvania to crossing the wilson bridge. the gw parkway, we're looking at it next at 6:12. over to you. >> we're busy with a lot of stories that are new
Jun 9, 2011 5:00am EDT
't see the blazing heat like today. culpepper, you may be near 100. angie? >> all right, thank you, howard. hello, everybody. so glad you could join us. we're about a minute after the 5:00 hour. so far, so good across the viewing area. green light stays on. we zoom into the outer loop north of the district moving aside, live conditions between 95 and 270 reveal smooth sailing. everyone is moving at speed. back over to the maps, this time, we'll move it on up. 27 0, we're tracking the southbound trip. everything appears to be clear out of frederick past 109 down to the lane divide. as for your travel times, good morning, virginia. 66 headed eastbound to 495, only about 11 minutes. no problems to report on 267, the dulles toll road. the inner loop itself and 395 up to 267 moving at a great pace. still ahead, a look at the bw parkway. i'll have that at 5:09. back to you. >> just after 5:00 a.m., it is already 80 degrees and a little bit over in some places. >> we'll be skyrocketing toward triple digits once the sun rises. surae chinn has more on the heat alert day live in dupont circl
Jun 15, 2011 6:00am EDT
today, dry air heats up nicely. it will be gorgeous. look at that. just about everybody, 80 to 83. angie? >> hello. good morning, everybody. so glad you could join us early on this wednesday morning. it is 6:00. the green light is back on because i have some better news out on the west virginia border purcellville area. we had route 9 shut down at shady line all morning. i'm hearing from officials they were able to open up all of the lanes so following that investigation, some great news here. they thought it was going to be closed throughout the rush hour. now let's take a look at other parts of the region. everyone else checking out in the clear. 95 in virginia. if you're tracking that northbound trip, we are very slow as drivers make their way from triangle over to quantico and you'll run into a good amount of congestion approaching the prince william parkway continuing on to 123. staying in virginia, we return to the maps. we'll focus on the capital beltway between the wilson bridge past 95 up to 66. really just seeing the volume starting to set in around the braddock road exit. your
Jun 20, 2011 5:00am EDT
heavy rain down there. angie goff we have wet roads that will slow people down. >>> it sure is. not seeing too many problems early on. happy monday. yellow light on because we are following this water main break in the temple hills area. what we're seeing is maryland 414 at dallas drive, drivers are still losing the left lane. crews continue to work this. stay to the right to get by. other parts of the region checking out okay. specifically on the outer loop we're tracking it from 95 to 270. outside just the slick roadway we are dealing with. a live camera, we want to show you that spray is going to be a factor this morning. watch those speeds. live condition here at 29 colesville road. >>> in the maps, maryland 270 southbound, so far so good. not tracking any significant delays as drivers make their way from frederick down to 109 all wait down toward the lane divide. let's go to the travel times, drivers are doing fine on 66 from fairfax to the beltway only about ten minutes. on the inner loop we're doing okay from 395 to the toll road and the toll road itself no complaints ap
Jun 27, 2011 6:00am EDT
with the rest of your seven-day forecast. right now, angie is looking at timesaver traffic. >> thank you, howard. we continue to keep on the yellow light because we've got new problems to tell you about. we have a beltway accident. that's how we begin. we want to take you out live and show you on the outer loop, approaching the wilson bridge, that's where we're finding the crash activity. overall though, on the outer loop and inner loop, notice it is not really affecting the flow of traffic right now. moving it over to our maps, this time we want to focus in on 95 in virginia. outside, we're tracking a little bit of the volume. things really starting to fill out between the prince william parkway over to 123. no incidents to report along the way. back over to the graphics, this time we take a look at 66. if you're an eastbound traveler, you would be happy to know, move it outside, overall, not so bad. construction is cleared. it looks like we have a little bit of volume building around 234 and approaching route 50. here are your travel times in maryland. we take you over to the outer loop. 95 to
Jun 29, 2011 5:00am EDT
. here comes the much more pleasant air. we like that. we like angie also giving us some good traffic news. >> that's what i'm here to deliver. we'll switch on over to traffic and show you we still have the green light on overall. so far, so good as we take a wide view of the area. here is a closer look at 270. not too much going on. we're tracking it through our camera out of frederick down toward gaithersburg toward the lane divide. taillight zipping at speed. back over to the real time graphics and this time, the focus is north of the district. this is your outer loop from 95 over to 270, outside, finding the lanes wide open. a great example of that here at 29 colesville road. we're not done yet. we have your travel times. looking at just about 10 minutes. looks like the inner loop is moving at speed approaching the dulles toll road. the toll road itself, not so bad approaching the capital beltway. still ahead, a look at the bw parkway. that's coming up at 5:09. back to you. >>> problems at arlington national cemetery continue to be uncovered. in a "washington post" article, it is
Jun 27, 2011 6:30pm PDT
otros en estados como california. >>> crece la centros de detención del país. angie, adelante. >>> le tocó al ministro de defensa de venuela dar el parte médico de chávez, las incertidumbres crecen como una avalancha. >>> anda la derecha enloquecida, frotandose las manos, y haciendo gozo de la salud del presidente. >>>periodista: mientras familiares participaron en una ceremonia indígena para pedir por su retorno. >>> para la salud y bendición para mi hijo, el poder de dios me lo sane rápido. >>> la oposición exigió un reporte del estado de salud de chávez, y que se sabe solamente que se sometió a una cirugía. >>> la política de desinformación es la típica política del totalitarismo. un gobierno que durante ya casi 13 años dilapidó los recursos. >>> y también en una irreparable crisis. >>> nos dimos cuenta que no hay un número dos. >>> y un analista dice que ni el vicepresidente quiere intentar nada. >>> saben bien que si regresa chávez les conta la cabeza, sin chávez no hay chavismo. >>> pero los partidarios de chávez siguen afirmando que el presidente se recupe
Jun 29, 2011 4:00am EDT
here. >> angie goff with timesaver traffic. >> it is kind of weird. trust us. weatherwise, we've got nice air mass moving in. we had a nice air mass moving in. still a little bit muggy this town. up toward hagerstown, the dry air is moving in. temperatures get into the mid and upper 80s out there. with a lot less humidity, you'll love it. little breezy out of the northwest at 10 to 15. last night had big storms especially down to our south. talking about a lot of lightning strikes, wind damage. some of the areas down toward fredericksburg, got hit pretty good. still a few clouds around. look to the north and west. low 60s plays into pittsburgh. the nicer, drier air is moving in. angie? >> no big problems right now. we start with the green light early on this wednesday morning. 95 headed southbound, roadwork. at 198 and powder mill. over to 270 headed southbound, everything is all clear going northbound out of route 85. roadwork until about 5:00 this morning. 66 drivers, no accidents to report. the eastbound construction is holding steady at nutley. westbound between nutley and glebe
Jun 2, 2011 6:00am EDT
a slight chance for afternoon and evening thunderstorms. here is angie with your traffic. >> good morning, everybody. hope you're having a fantastic thursday. really quite an uneventful morning on the roadways which is how we like it. green light stays on. the one we're following, this is out in northeast d.c. what we have is first street. it is currently shut down and the traffic lights are out as crews continue to work the power outage on first street between l and m street. if you're headed out that way, you're definitely going to want to use caution and i want to remind you, you will be following police direction. let's take a closer look at 95 in virginia. you're slow already from the prince william parkway all the way up to route 1 woodbridge as evident from the yellow and red on our screen here. let's move it outside. open the door. i'll show what you i'm talking about. drivers are going below speed. we'll get relief past route one. back over to the maps. we're delayed already on 66 headed eastbound. the first delay is going to be outside 234 to 28 and then 50 to the beltway, a goo
Jun 3, 2011 5:00am EDT
, angie is stepping in telling you about your friday traffic spots. >>> thank you howard. yes, we are starting off the 5:00 hour by keeping on the yellow light. still dealing with the crash in the clinton area. the graphics i want to show you what's going on on route 5 or just tell you at the road, right now we have one lane of traffic getting by so some better news out there way. at least we have an option. over to wide view of the area. other places checking out just fine. moving in to 270. we take a closer look here finding drivers out of frederick all the way down to the split. they are moving like this, moving at speed. back over to the graphics and this time, the focus is going to take us all the way down to virginia. we want to show you 95 making that northbound trip out of fredericksburg, no significant volume or delays to report as drivers pass dumfries and go to the mixing bowl. your travel times for you -- still ahead, prince george's county roads. mike andrea, back to you. >>> while you slept, police have been investigating the discovery of two bodies in hill crest hei
Jun 7, 2011 6:00am EDT
're at 68 as well. locally, down to 61 at college park. 57 in manassas. that's the cool spot. angie goff, we're look for some heat and weather. what about the roads? >> right now, we have the yellow light on because our top traffic story of the morning has been this car fire out in the laurel area. live picture live from sky 9, this is the situation. we have an investigation going on not only is it a car fire, we're hearing from officials that there is a fatality involved and that is what's taking so long here on westbound 198 and why the ramp remains closed for those drivers trying to go southbound on 95. now, as you can see, the car fire is into the trees right there. it is going to probably be quite some time before they get all of this wrapped up. they, in fact, can't give us a time they think the ramp is going to be reopened. this is what you need to know. you'll want to use gunpowder road over to powder mill and that's going to get you back on to 95. good news is we do have an alternate. we'll keep an eye on this and keep you posted throughout the morning. let's take you over to our ma
Jun 17, 2011 6:00am EDT
of the shenandoah valley. here's angie. >>> thank you howard. we are kicking off the 6:00 hour, keeping the yellow light on and keeping you up to speed with what's going on on route 7. i'll just go ahead and tell you route 7 right now at the capitol beltway. all lanes shut down in both directions and that's due to some downed wires. but we have police on the scene there directing traffic around it. but you are going to want to avoid right now route 7 at the capitol beltway. let's move it over to another shot and -- well, this is actually 66. it looks like no major delays still from centreville to entered the beltway. keep things moving, 95 drivers, we have some -- 395 drivers, we have some volume building past the beltway. past duke street, using the brakes. making your way to the penalty gone to the 14th street bridge. over to our maryland travel times and show you -- still ahead, your prince george's county roads. i'll have that for you at 6:12. back to you. >>> break news now, there is some police activity we are learning near the pentagon. a suspicious vehicle is being investigated and in fact
Jun 21, 2011 5:00am EDT
in annapolis, 71. down in southern maryland, 67. angie? >> hope you're off to a terrific tuesday. unfortunately on the roadways, starting things off with the yellow light because we're dealing with this crash activity out in fauquier county, virginia. old tavern road at old winchester road closed off. all lanes blocked due to this crash. moving over, other places checking out in the clear. 95 tracking that northbound trip. move it outside. show you our cameras. as drivers make their way up to the mixing bowl, continuing on to 395 moving back over to the map and this time, we'll move it over to 66. it looks like outside from manassas past route 50 to the beltway, we're moving at speed. as far as travel times are concerned, no problems on the outer loop. 95 headed southbound, no problems either. the inner loop is moving at speed from route 4 pennsylvania to the wilson bridge. a look at the gw parkway in my next traffic report at 5: 5:09. >> there are signs of progress into the investigation by sulaimon brown. >> brown has accused staffers for vincent gray's campaign of paying him to attack then-
Jun 1, 2011 4:30am EDT
moment. good morning, angie. >> good morning, mr. bernstein. >> welcome to meteorological summer and hurricane season 2011 starts today. it does. it has been crazy hot the last couple of days. one more really hot day. i'm glad to say today is the last day of the heat wave. then we'll have some nice relief here especially by friday. in fact, friday morning and saturday morning look real nice. race for the cure saturday morning, good news right there. here is our day planner, it will get hot quickly once again today. i've got -- jumped up one here. 92 by noon. by 5:00, in fact, earlier than that, i think there would be some scattered, strong thunderstorms around. the ones that pop up have the threat of producing damaging wind gusts and large hail. the air quality from our friends at, code orange. unhealthy for the young, old, anybody with respiratory ailments. 77 at cleveland and pittsburgh this morning and washington. there is a lot of warm air across the ohio valley and the northeast and the mid-atlantic. locally, you can see we're 77 here. 78 on the bay in a
Jun 2, 2011 4:30am EDT
i'm andrea roane. >> we're almost there. i'm mike hydeck. friday eve. good to have you here. angie will have traffic in a moment. anny is in for howard who is taking a little day off. >> i like to call today pre- friday. as we're looking forward to the weekend and finishing off this work week, after that record breaking heat we had, yesterday, we set a new record. 98 degrees at reagan national. it was 97. none of that today. still on the warm side. the humidity is really going to be a lot less today. really, it should be not too bad. for your day planner for today, mid-70s by 9:00. 11:00, around 78. 1:00 will be in the lower 80s. northwest today, a drier air. that's why our humidity won't be as bad and then we'll see the winds kicking up maybe 60 miles per hour by 1:00 and almost to 20 sustained winds. the possibility it could be some concern for fire danger. right now, there are no watches or warnings in regards to that. the satellite radar, the strong storms did go through yesterday, clearing on out now and we're going to see the drier, cooler air today. really nice day in store
Jun 3, 2011 4:30am EDT
of the week. i'm mike hydeck, thank you for joining us, angie goff will have traffic in just a moment. mr. howard bernstein, what a day we had yesterday. >> i hope i get up tomorrow. >> for the workweek. early getth. >> you scared me for a moment mr. hydeck. weather-wise, let's get you going here on this friday morning. it's looking good out there. we've got generally clear skies and on the cool side. some 50s out there. right now we're 65 with 73 by noon. 79 at 5:00 with a high in the low 80s. a gorgeous day and really good clean air quality code green. sunrise at 5:44. look at the temperatures which are running in the 50s as we said in places like easton at 59 and martinsburg at 59. it's 45 in the mountains in oakland and garrett county. locally 50s from fort belvoir at 55 and hey market at 58. hey. baden is back, 55 degrees there and 60 in arlington and 65 here in d. c.. your highs today, under mostly sunny skies. and it could get just a bit breezy at times, around 80 by the bay. 83 in tappahannock and fredericksburg and 82 here in d. c.. a gorgeous friday ahead. the traffic-wise, let'
Jun 8, 2011 4:30am EDT
's angie. mr. howard bernstein, the heat switch is officially on. >> blast furnace days today and tomorrow. temperatures going to make it into the upper 90s. your car thermometer could read up to 105 coming off the pavement wouldn't surprise me. once again, we're dealing with it. all of the heat and humidity. that's moving in for a couple of days. but by friday, we'll be back closer to the 90 degree mark like we were yesterday. here's a look at today's day planner. get ready for some heat. if you like to be outside, do it early. a little muggy as well. temperatures now are still in the 70s. near 90 around noon. mid-90s at 5:00 with a high today, i'm forecasting 98 for reagan national. look at the records coming up. that would be setting a new record for the day. we've got one little severe thunderstorm watch box. the storms are moving that way. they'll stay north and east of us. yesterday we had clouds which came over from other thunderstorms. today, we'll have less of that. consequently, we'll be hotter. culpepper, 64. visibility is one half-mile. cumberland at 61. low 70s in easton. mid-
Jun 9, 2011 4:30am EDT
. >> i'm mike hydeck. angie will have traffic in a moment. mr. bernstein, good morning my friend. >> you thought it was sticky yesterday? dew points are in the low to mid-70s. >> that's the amount of moisture in the air? >> truer measure of the moisture of the air. you start looking at the dew point number, when it is nice and dry, the numbers will dip into the 50s, maybe 40s. now, they're in the 70s. it is oppressively humid. our day planner for you on this thursday, friday eve as we like to call it. it is sticky, it is icky. 80 degrees out there. terry in bowie told me it is still 84 at his place. by noon, 92 at national. looking for highs 95 to 100. if you need to be outside, please do it early. you'll have to be active in keeping yourself cool and if you walk the dog, probably want to be on the grass and not the sidewalk. their pads are feeling the heat, too, as they're walking. one severe thunderstorm watch in ohio. a sign of what may be coming late today and tonight. the temperatures are the bigger story. we sit at 80. ocean city at 81. new york is 80. cleveland, 79. a lot of heat
Jun 14, 2011 4:30am EDT
's angie goff with traffic in just a moment. mr. bernstein has your weather first. >> it is almost chilly out there. 1885 in wisconsin, little schoolteacher decide to get flag going. but it wasn't until '49 when truman signed it into law. a little flag trivia for you. any excuse to wear the tie. weatherwise, we've got the cool start out there. this afternoon with an upper air disturbance, we'll see a few spotty showers pop up. your day planner, temperature national 68. we'll be in the low 70s at noon. content amount of sunshine. this amount, 5:00 p.m., 75. will be a bit breezy at times. showers last night up in northeastern pennsylvania fizzled as they went across new jersey. this morning, we're mainly clear. moon is not quite full. it will be in another day or so. upper 60s here. lots of 50s in the suburbs. locally, we're down in the 50s at gaithersburg and laytonsville. manassas is 54. 57 at fort belvoir. college park is 66. here in washington, 68. we're looking at highs this afternoon in the mid-70s north to the upper 70s here from arlington and andrews. fort belvoir and fairfax today.
Jun 15, 2011 4:30am EDT
's angie goff with more news you can use with the traffic and howard bernstein has a pleasant forecast headed our way. >> i can't tell you the last time i was at an atm. i charge everything. i'm not comfortable. i don't want to deal with it. >> you don't care cash at all? >> a little bit. i'm like the guy driving the brinks truck. no cash on driver. >> not taking any cab rides with you. >> they take credit cards now. it is all right. >> what a beautiful day we have in store for us. it will be spectacular on this wednesday before things go downhill thursday and friday. looking at today, sunshine galore. temperatures starting out 50s, low 50s in spots. 61 here in town. 58 in prince frederick. noontime, we're at 74 and sunny. 5:00, 80 degrees. winds 5, 10 miles per hour. at worse, it will be a nice day. showers popped up here and there. some to our east. but this morning, much of the region here in the mid-atlantic through pennsylvania, the ohio valley looking high and dry and just nice. down to 51 into williamsport. norfolk is the warm spot. locally, we've got 61 in town. lower 50s from
Jun 21, 2011 6:00am EDT
. this is where we're looking at the heavier stuff through hancock approaching hagerstown and martinsburg. angie? >> starting off the 6:00 hour, yellow light stays on. a few spots to tell you about. let's get straight to them. in upper marlboro, a crash and car fire involved. south osborn road. you're being asked to avoid the area. the outer loop, i have better news, the wreck at connecticut is cleared out of the way. 270 headed southbound, a good amount of volume. a delay that has set in. still ok passing germantown road. wreck to tell you about out in virginia. i know it is out there. folks out in fauquier county, old tavern road remains closed at old winchester road. police are out there directing traffic around it. 66, you're slow using the brakes around route 50. your travel times, 267 is moving at speed. southbound 95, no problems to the beltway either and the inner loop, no problems from route 4 to the wilson bridge. still ahead, we'll have another traffic update for you at 6:12. back to you. >>> thanks, angie. let's get to some of the stories happening today. the d.c. city council will v
Jun 28, 2011 4:30am EDT
this morning. angie goff has traffic. in a moment, mr. howard bernstein has your weather first. >> we've got showers and storms out there. out to the west. they're weakening as they move toward us. not confident they're going to make it to the metro this morning. as we head into the afternoon, we have a chance some of these will pop and the daytime heating ahead of a cold front headed our way. we start with mostly cloudy skies, upper 70s. there may be a sprinkle in the next few hours west of washington. sun mixes in. 84 at noon. highs in the upper 80s with a chance of the thunderstorms later on as we head toward the afternoon and evening hours. lock at this big picture with the storms here from pennsylvania, western maryland, parts of west virginia. but you also notice a lot less lightning here as we go into the last half hour or so. this stuff is weakening. looking at it on live doppler 9000 hd, this is interstate 81 right here. strasburg and a little bit heavier shower toward you. back toward newmarket. as it approaches the blue ridge here, things will tend to weaken. it might make it over
Jun 3, 2011 6:00am EDT
and also in brandy wine. it's 6:01. angie goff? >>> you like a friday night. we always wish for that on a friday and so far, so good. up fortunately, i'm not going to -- unfortunately, i'm not going to give you your weather. on to the traffic cameras and we're doing all clear out there. that's why we keep the green light on. a wide view of everything, everyone is checking out okay on 95. still looking at a clear commute out of fred ricksburg out of the mixing bowl. we are moving at speed. let's take a wide screw of the area again another roadway in virginia. 66 headed eastbound all is great this morning. so far, no major construction. no major incidents to report. outside they are moving well clear example out of manassas through centreville as drivers make their way inside the beltway. 95 if you're traveling it southbound -- still ahead, a look at your beach traffic this f you're headed out of -- if you're headed out of town. now over to you. >>> our time 16:02 and here's a quick look at stories happening today. kim ewe chick will head to court this morning. four people wer
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